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Hand Pumps

India Mark-II Handpump

India Mark-II handpump is divided into four main assemblies.

Head Assembly: Pump Head Assembly (above ground mechanism) consists of Head with Inspection cover, Third plate, Handle, Water chamber and Stand.

Cylinder Assembly: Cast Iron Body painted outside and lined from inside with seamless Brass liner of 63.5mm I.D., Gun-metal valve components and Nitrile rubber components. Discharge capacity is 15 litres @ 40 strokes per min.

Handpump India

Connecting Rod: 12 mm dia mild steel electrogalvanized, in three metre lengths with hexagonal coupling at both the ends.

Riser Pipe (Drop Pipe): 32 mm N.B., G.I. medium pipe in three metres length with a socket at one end.

Installation: Simple Installation of India Mark-II handpump, when installed properly it gives very long uninterrupted service. For step by step installation procedure and other details, please refer to our Installation and Maintenance Manual.

Salient Features of India Mark-II Handpump
Suitable for borewell installation with static water level upto 45 mtrs.
The entire above ground components are fabricated out of steel sections, hence they are strong and sturdy.
The Pump Body is hot-dipped galvanized hence corrosion proof.
Handle is designed for ease of operation.
Pre-greased, sealed Ball Bearings add to the ease of operation and elimination of greasing during use.
The Spout design ensures collection of water in any type of vessel normally used.
Pedestal Design ensures the bore hole is sealed to prevent water source contamination.
Cylinder with highly polished brass liner ensures long life of Nitrile Rubber Pump Bucket.
The Rubber parts in the cylinder are nontoxic and hence they cause no health hazards.
All internal parts of the cylinder are made of Gun-metal to ensure long life.
These pumps can be easily adapted for Shallow-Well, Wind Mill and Motorised operations with minor modifications.
India Mark II Pump works on the positive displacement principle, hence the displacement remains constant irrespective of the depth of bore.

India Mark-II Extra Deepwell

India mark-II Extra Deepwell handpumps are manufactured as per Bureau of Indian standards specs: viz. 13287/92 capable of lifting water upto 90 meters setting depth.
These pumps are suitable for lifting water from depths of upto 90 meters.
Heavier handle with a T-bar and additional weight ensures reduced pumping efforts. Even a teenage child or a woman can easily operate the pump.
There is a similarity in component with India Mark-II. And can components be interchanged.
Both steel & stainless steel rods are available but stainless steel rods are recommended as per IS: 1573 (steel rods are electro galvanized).
Raiser Pipe-32mm NBGI pipe of medium class solid coupler is recommended for coupling.
Stand Assembly is available in
    a) Telescopic Stand Assembly
    b) Standard Stand Assembly
Telescopic assembly is suitable /recommended for casing pipes with nominal bore 150mm.
Standard stand assembly is recommended for casing pipes having nominal bore 100mm-125mm.

AFRIDEV Handpump

AFRIDEV Pump has all the features of VLOM Handpump. AFRIDEV Pump has been designed taking into consideration the maintenance problems faced by the rural/unskilled operators. AFRIDEV Pump can be handled even by woman easily.

Salient Features
Non corrosive below ground components capable of working in corrosive water sources.
UPVC Riser Pipe, Cylinder, Plunger & Foot valves are light weight and inexpensive.
10 mm dia, Three metre long Connecting Rod with forged eye & hook at either sides for interlocking easily, without the use of any tools.
Fulcrum & Rod hanger pins are supported on special grade plastic Bush Bearings, easily replaceable.
Adjustable Handle to suit installations with different bore depths.
Rubber centralisers are provided to each connecting rod to prevent internal damage to UPVC Pipes due to abrassion.
Rubber centralisers are provided to each UPVC pipe to prevent external damage.

India Mark III Handpump UMP - VLOM

India Mark III Handpump - VLOM 50 & VLOM 65

VLOM Hand pump is the outcome of extensive R & D based on the Village Level Operation and Maintenance concept, promoted by UNICEF, UNDP, WORLD BANK and other International Donor Agencies. VLOM Pumps can be easily maintained by villagers with minimum Handling /Maintenance skills.

India Mark II cylinder assembly modified to have open-top cap to suit 65/50 mm NB, G I riser pipe.
Upper valve and Lower valve assemblies extractable without removing riser pipe and cylinder body.
Suitable for setting depths upto 33 Mtrs.

Note: All fast moving Spare parts and Installation & maintenance Kit for all the models of hand pumps are available.
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